GS932HK Mosquito Trap (black & gold)

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    • Especially strong in killing flies & mosquitoes
    • Unique mosquito Eggs kill device
    • Fast catch and NO chemicals
    • Black & gold (upgrade edition)
    • Suitable for outdoor use / shopping mall use / property use
    • Durable anti-aging material
    • Locks designed with unique key
    • Collect box for the dead mosquito body
    • Safe for kids and pets. Design for public use
    • Fixable on the ground and with 10M cable
    • Easy access to replace Black UV bulb
    • Effective control of mosquitoes, small flies
    • LED lighting & automatic switch system inside

Suitable place:

Outdoor, House, Garden, Schools,  Kindergarten, Roadside,  Residential, Homes, Clubs, Outdoor Facilities, Golf courses, Tennis courts, Clubs, Science and Technology Institute, Car Park,  Restaurant, Hotel, Super Market

– Covering more than: 4,000 square feet

– Power input: 220; 60Hz; 23 Watts

– Power output: 12V AC; 60Hz; 1.5A

Unique features:

>>DC fans with stronger suction and ultra-long life, mosquitoes and other flying insect pets attracted to the device are drawn into the unit by a special airflow where they dehydrate and die.

>> Release mosquito favorite black light, UV light to attract mosquitoes, increasing the ability to capture

>> Transparent mosquito collection tray (mosquito net) will collect mosquito into the position, the final will be dried to death.

>> Funnel-type of anti-mosquito escape device, Wide Voltage

>>Anti-aging materials,  safe and reliable

>> Comply with IPX4 waterproof standard, safe and reliable

>> Voltage 220 – 240V

>> Frequency 60Hz




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