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MBOX Mosquito Trap Flying Insect Trap Killer Review

Most individuals think that mosquito’s traps are inefficient when it comes to controlling mosquito infestation in their homes, and that they can’t diminish the mosquito population which I disagree. Over the years mosquito traps...

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The Ultimate MBOX Insect Killer Review

The Ultimate MBOX Insect Killer Review Mosquitoes are annoying creatures, and nobody likes them, which is the fact. Finding a mosquito killer is the best way to get rid of those annoying pests away...

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No More Insects This Summer!

Imagine yourself going on a pick nick, going outside with your friends into the mountains or going camping. Insects are everywhere; even though some are harmless there are mosquitos that are blood thirsty for...

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Mosquito trap comparison

Biogents Attractants In Cooperation with Biogents we have implemented their sweet scent attractants into our traps. With their research & testing of the product we have confirmed that our trap has an increased efficacy...

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About QM Limited -anti mosquito company

We are an international company based in Hong Kong; we are formed by a group of people that have a hatred for mosquitos. We have cooperated with the Hong Kong Government and other public instances...

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Chasing our Dream

Why did we develop the Mosquito Box. Our main reason for developing the mosquito box has been started from a tragic story, a story that turned into a dream to be able to protect...

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