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 How to Against Wheat Midge

Farmers in most areas of Saskatchewan need to be aware of wheat midge, says Scott Hartley, Saskatchewan’s provincial specialist for insect pest management. Specifically, eastern Saskatchewan, primarily east central and southeast.There’s  another section from Prince Albert south,“extending quite a ways, at least down to close to Bethune.”Midge threats in Alberta aren’t as...

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The Damage of Wheat Midge

The wheat midge (Sitodiplosis mosellana) is found in most areas around the world, wherever wheat is grown. Significant damage to wheat crops occurs regularly in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, southern British Columbia, Minnesota, North Dakota,...

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The Mosquito Prevention of Wheat Midge

Is a worldwide pest of wheat midge, widely distributed in Asia, Europe and America countries mainly wheat cultivation. Domestic wheat midge also widely distributed in the main wheat producing area, China’s wheat midge are...

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