Monthly Archive: June 2017

20170622151926 320x320 - Mosquito trap comparison 1

Mosquito trap comparison

Biogents Attractants In Cooperation with Biogents we have implemented their sweet scent attractants into our traps. With their research & testing of the product we have confirmed that our trap has an increased efficacy...

20170622142353 320x320 - About QM Limited -anti mosquito company 0

About QM Limited -anti mosquito company

We are an international company based in Hong Kong; we are formed by a group of people that have a hatred for mosquitos. We have cooperated with the Hong Kong Government and other public instances...

20170622141907 320x320 - Chasing our Dream 0

Chasing our Dream

Why did we develop the Mosquito Box. Our main reason for developing the mosquito box has been started from a tragic story, a story that turned into a dream to be able to protect...

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