Why People Focus On Mosquito Bite

Initially, the mosquito bite was just an annoyance. Even today it continues to be a major source of irritation. No one will dispute this. If they do, then send them out on a mosquito ridden night. They will soon find themselves on the same page that we are on.

Thought the world is a large enough space for the mosquitoes and us, three specific species of the mosquitoes carry a cause for concern. These are the Anopheles mosquitoes, the Culex mosquitoes and the Aedes mosquitoes.

So what makes these three species different from the rest? These three species act as the carriers for certain diseases. Let’s take a peek at what diseases these species can transmit.

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The Anopheles Mosquito

The Anopheles mosquito has gained quite a reputation worldwide. This is because it is the only species of mosquito that is capable of transmitting malaria. While the Anopheles mosquito has gained itself a lot of popularity due to the ever increasing spread of malaria around the globe, few realize that this species is also responsible for the spread of Filariasis and Encephalitis.

The Culex Mosquito

The Culex mosquito is not as well known as the Anopheles mosquito. It however can transmit a number of deadly diseases. Like the Anopheles mosquito, the Culex mosquito is responsible for the spread of Filariasis and Encephalitis. In addition to these two diseases, the Culex mosquito can also carry the West Nile virus.

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The Aedes Mosquito

The Aedes mosquito is known to transmit Yellow fever, Dengue and Encephalitis. Today however, this mosquito has made headlines with the newest virus that it transmits. This virus is none other than the Zika virus!

When Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Yes, a mosquito bite is annoying at best. With growing number of diseases that are being transmitted by mosquitoes, we find ourselves searching for ways to protect ourselves. The threat that a mosquito poses is far more than just a little itchiness.

Man has experimented with various methods of keeping mosquitoes at bay. Let us take a brief glance at what are the common methods that we employ.

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The Best Mosquito Killer

With the number of diseases that a mosquito can transmit increasing by the day, everyone is on the hunt for the best mosquito killer on the market. Today, just repelling the mosquitoes or keeping them out of the house is just not enough. We need to ensure that we are careful not contract any diseases that they carry. That brings us to the main question. Which is the best mosquito killer on the market? There can be no doubt that QM mosquito killer is the best option for people to select.

The mosquito trap has two main models that they supply to the consumers. All models are well equipped and can handle the eradication of mosquitoes from your property very well. They do differ in size and some have a few additional functions that the lower versions don’t have. You can get more information from http://www.moskiller.com/.

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