Which Mosquito Killer Is Right For You?

There are more than 3000 known species of mosquitoes in all around the world, several of which can spread serious diseases such as West Nile virus, malaria and dengue fever. Not all species are found in every part of the continent — the mosquitoes on the Asia are not necessarily the same as the mosquitoes on the Europe.

A QM mosquito trap works by releasing a precise and steady stream of carbon dioxide, heat, moisture and a secondary attractant to effectively lure, capture and kill mosquitoes. Several secondary mosquito machines are available, and each is specially formulated to attract the mosquitoes that are prevalent in specific regions of indoors and outdoors. Choosing the right secondary attractant can result in a ten-fold increase in your catch rate! You’ll benefit from a customized mosquito control solution that can dramatically reduce the mosquito population throughout the season.


c 300x160 - Which Mosquito Killer Is Right For You?

  • Hot item in Malaysia & Hong Kong
  • With adapter for recharge,Two mode(by electrical /solar)
  • Authentic product with original design.
  • Slim, elegant design which can made invisible in garden
  • Suitable for indoor /outdoor
  • 360∘kill the midge & small mosquitoes
  • Safe for kids and pets. Cleaning and maintenance is super easy.
  • Drawer box design to keep dead mosquitoes.
  • QM Double light source UV included.

d 300x201 - Which Mosquito Killer Is Right For You?

  • Especially strong in killing flies & mosquitoes
  • Unique Ultra Violet “PHILIPS” tubes are one of the most effective “insect attracting” tubes
  • NO noise, NO smell, No debris, NO pollution and NO chemicals
  • Slim, pure design which can made invisible in wall
  • Suitable for indoor use / room use / office use
  • Sticky pad design for silence
  • Many restaurant / hotel using
  • Lifetime over 20 years
  • Safe for kids and pets. Cleaning and maintenance is super easy.
  • Modern slim profile – Brilliant NEW DESIGN
  • Easy access to replace glue pad & UV tube
  • 110V /220V~ , super ECO save energy
  • Qualified to meet QS, HACCP, AIB , SSOP , GMP


Initially when you started purchasing an electronic bugs killer , you would been puzzled as to the choice of holding hundreds of products such as A-UV light, Mosquito Swatter Zapper, Insect Trap or Ultrasonic Pest Repellers. However, QM is the best one which worth to own by every family or organization. QM Electric Insect Killer is a tool/equipment to kill a number of flying insects including flies, mosquitoes, wasps, and hornets. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and there are many of them available now. You can get further information of the product in the follow address: http://www.moskiller.com/, come and select the one you like.


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