The Mosquito Prevention of Wheat Midge

Is a worldwide pest of wheat midge, widely distributed in Asia, Europe and America countries mainly wheat cultivation. Domestic wheat midge also widely distributed in the main wheat producing area, China’s wheat midge are two, namely midge and yellow midge. Wheat midge occurred mainly in the plain area to both sides of the river, and yellow wheat blossom midge occurred mainly in the plateau and alpine.

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Wheat Midge 
Morphological characteristics wheat midge female adult body length 2 ~ 2.5mm, wingspan of about 5mm, the body of orange and red. Proala transparent, 4 developed a hind wing degradation balance stick. In section 14, the male antennae are slender, each section of the central section of a gourd contraction shape, most of the bentonite circle long hair ring. Female antennae with a rosary, a short hair ring on ring. The body length is about 2mm. The egg is 0.09mm long, oblong, pale red. Larval body length about body length ranging from 3 mm to 3.5 mm, elliptic, orange yellow, small head, foot, vermiform, ventral surface of the chest has a & ldquo; Y & rdquo; piece of bone sword, front fork, deep depression. The pupa is 2mm long, naked pupa, orange brown, white haired head with 2 square roots and long breathing tube of 1.
Yellow wheat midge, the female body length of about 2mm, bright yellow body. Egg length 0.29mm, banana shape. Larval body length 2 to 2.5 mm, green or yellow ginger, smooth surface, chest belly piece of bone sword, the piece of bone sword in front is curved lobed. The terminal abdominal protuberance 2. The pupa is bright yellow, the head end has 1 pairs of relatively long hair.

Damage symptoms in larvae lurking in the hull in smoking is filling the wheat juice, resulting in grain, shell. Wheat midge larvae damage to flower, and seed or grain, is a destructive pest.

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Damage characteristics of two generation uniform midge, in case of bad environment larvae has many years of dormancy habits, so there are many generations. In the round cocoon overwintering, mature larvae in the soil in the summer. Huai River March mid overwintering larvae cocoon rose to the surface of the soil, mid to late April a lot of pupation, eclosion peak in late April to early May. The adult appears, when wheat heading and flowering period, with the large number of eggs (yellow midge slightly earlier than wheat midge). Yellow eggs in glumes prolific midge and wheat heading inside side early on chip, a production of 5 to 6 grains, eggs 7 ~ 9 days. Midge eggs have not yet in the prolific flowering wheat heading and spikelets spikelet, a 3 ~ 5 grain, eggs 3 ~ 5 days. The larvae hatch, then transferred to the hull, attached to the ovary or just filling grains on sucking sap from damage. Mature larvae and climb to the glume and maimang, with beads of rain and dew or automatic bomb fell on the soil surface, drilling buried in 10 ~ 20 cm circular cocoon oversummering and overwintering.


The influence factors of

  1. 1. T Larvae of low temperature resistant high temperature, overwintering mortality rate lower than in summer. Overwintering larvae in 10 cm soil temperature 7 degrees cocoon activities, 12 DEG to 15 DEG C pupation, 20 DEG C to 23 DEG C adult eclosion, the temperature rises more than 30 DEG C, the larvae is back to sleep.
    2. Humidity. During the overwintering larvae cocoon activity and increased pupation, rainfall (or irrigation) high emergence rate. Humidity is high, not only the egg hatching rate is high, and early larvae of strong, easy to invade and bite. Wheat flowering before and after the rain, high humidity and temperatures often cause midge occurrence. Dry weather, soil moisture is small on the adverse.
    3. Soil. Loam soil is loose, protect hydraulic strong benefit. The clay on the life adverse, more suitable for the life of sand. Midge larvae hi alkaline soil, yellow smoke like the more acidic soil in slurry.
    4. The adult peak period and wheat flowering stage anastomosis occurred two dislocation occurred heavy, light.

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The experience of prevention and treatment offor serious wheat midge occurrence, the best rotation and cotton, rape and other crops, in order to avoid the insect source. Spray; 140” Han 40.7% and 4.5%; chemical control can take & ldquo; a saga of a spray & rdquo; methods: in wheat jointing to booting, mu with 50% phoxim 0.5 ~ 1 kg of mixed sand 15 ~ 20 kg uniform broadcast (1 Samuel medicine after watering) to kill just emerged adults, larvae and pupae in wheat after heading before flowering period, and then the chlorine cyanogen chrysanthemum fat chrysanthemum fat pesticide Lorsban 800 times liquid mixture (each sprayer 20 ml), or & ldquo, 1500 times fluid (each sprayer 10 ml of & ldquo singles & rdquo;), can be effective in killing midge adults and eggs, and at the same time and cure aphid, red spider, Tajimi, control effect is remarkable.

Prevention measures

  1. 1. Low temperature and high temperature resistant midge, the overwintering mortality rate lower than the summer mortality. Soil moisture conditions are important factors of overwintering larvae began to move, is a necessary condition for pupation and eclosion of midge. Different wheat varieties, different degree damage of wheat midge, general awn length spiny, KouJin spikelet intensive, flowering period is short and neat, peel thickness variety, of adult midge eggs and larvae invade and damage were negative.
    UseIT04 mosquito trap to catch wheat midges. One of these new solution developed by QM is called the IT04 outdoor mosquito trap, by using photo catalysis of TIO2( titanium dioxide). When a titanium dioxide surface is irradiated by light, the photo catalytic effect and hydrophilic are activated together. Any organic chemical in contact with the surface will undergo decomposition to CO2 and H2O and thus releasing a smell that attracts female mosquitoes. IT04 mosquito trap is also works for wheat midges.

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Comparing the old heavy propane mosquito trap, the IT04 mosquito trap (for outdoor) and the MBOX mosquito trap (for indoor) of QM is more convenient and affordable.The IT04 is combine with solar panel so that it don’t need to lay the wire. QM’s tech is more ecofriendly and increases the chances of catching more female mosquitoes. Besides, you won’t hear a zap anymore when it working.

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