The Importance of Cleanliness in a Restaurant

 Hygiene is probably the second most important aspect of running a restaurant, coming second to food quality. Every customer would want to trust a restaurant that has passed health and sanitation standards, so keeping your restaurant dining and kitchen areas is a big part of the success of the business. Having ample stock of cleaning supplies helps ensure the restaurant is kept clean all the time.

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Restaurants with bad hygiene are sure to fail because even if you try to hide the dirty secrets, they will eventually be found out and through word of mouth, the news will spread, affecting your reputation. There are many dangers that unhygienic food preparation can bring. It could bring about disease or food poisoning to valued customers. Proper hygiene in the restaurant would help you gain trust from customers, boosting your chances for success.

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The state has guidelines set on sanitation of eating places. If you are running a restaurant business, it is best to make sure that you are abiding by the set of rules and standards on hygiene. That way, your business is safe from the scrutiny of the health and sanitation inspectors. Abiding by the sanitation standards assures you that the food you serve is safe for your customers.

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The Importance of Everyday Cleaning

Everyday upkeep of your restaurant is essential in order for it to be successful. One way to ensure this is to mop the floor every night. After moping the floor make sure to display several caution signs to avoid messy injuries or lawsuits. Sweeping with a broom is also a great method to ensure everyday cleanliness. Thunder Group offers several different types of brooms. Brooms can be purchased in one standard or four colored bristles. In addition Thunder Group and Winco offer a variety of different sized dustpans. It is important to estimate how much dirt you will produce in order to find the proper sized dustpan. By cleaning everyday you can avoid bugs, mice, and other pests that might arise in a dirty environment. Cleaning everyday will also distinguish your restaurant from competition by providing your business with a better reputation.


Kitchen Area

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The kitchen is one of the most important areas in the restaurant to keep clean. This area is exposed to a variety of possible contaminants. Cooks, servers, bussers and even cashiers have access to the kitchen and could potentially contaminate food products. Uncooked food also poses health risks if surfaces are not cleaned sufficiently. To properly clean a restaurant kitchen, employees must sanitize equipment and surfaces that have come in contact with food and kitchen instruments and must do so after each task. The state or local health department establishes the proper types of disinfectants and sanitizers kitchen workers should utilize when washing dishes, as well as the proper storage techniques for food that might contain bloodborne pathogens. Kitchen items such as cutting boards, blenders, grills and countertops should also be disinfected.


Dning Area

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Dining and eating area cleanliness is necessary for safety reasons and to maintain the overall appearance of the establishment. The dining room is typically the first area patrons see when they enter a restaurant. Many visitors may decide to leave if the dining room appears unsanitary. Restaurant workers can properly clean dining areas by thoroughly sanitizing the surface areas customer’s come in contact with, such as bar tops, table tops and chairs. Surface area cleaning should be done with clean towels that have not been used on surfaces in other areas of the restaurant, such as the restroom or kitchen. It is also necessary to ensure condiment bottles and menus are disinfected regularly.

The Importance of Mosquito Prevention

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As we all know that mosquito can cause many diseases, so it is important for restaurants to have s mosquito trap to fight mosquito. The best way to prevent getting sick is to protect your customers and employees from mosquito bites with QM mosquito trap. QM mosquito killers are based on the theory that mosquitoes are attracted to heat, co2 and many other factors. So to make sure they are following the right scent, mosquitoes will start by tracing the co2 scent back to its origin. Once close enough the mosquito will start tracking the heat and finally once everything is correct they will prey for the target and thus setting our trap in motion. Like MBOX electric mosquito killer that is designed from the bottom up and is assembled without any screws; with just a gentle twist the MBOX mosquito trap can be disassembled to remove any unwanted ‘dead mosquitoes’. Get more information from.


Restrooms are another area that require frequent cleaning and maintenance. In most cases, restrooms are shared by employees and visitors. Properly cleaning restrooms helps prevent cross-contamination from employees to food products and eating utensils. To properly clean the restroom, employees must scrub toilet bowls and seats, as well as the floor around the toilets. All door handles and sink faucets must be disinfected. Surface areas around sinks should be disinfected and dried. Dispensers for soap, paper towels and toilet paper should also be fully stocked. Employees should monitor restrooms frequently to ensure they do not require attention.

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