The Future is now for Food Safety Programs

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Foodborne illnesses like those caused by norovirus have affected the restaurant industry in a major way in the past year. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), roughly one in six Americans gets sick from a foodborne illness annually.

Some simple ways for restaurant workers to help prevent the spread of norovirus and other foodborne illnesses:

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  1. Stay home sick

Avoid preparing food for others while you are sick and for at least 48 hours after symptoms stop. Food can be contaminated with norovirus when an infected person comes into contact with it with their hands (or through coughing). This one is vital because you’re most contagious when you are sick with norovirus illness or during the first few days while you recover.

  1. Perform basic hygiene

Wash your hands carefully and often with soap and water. Outbreaks occur because of how easily a person sick with norovirus illness can contaminate food and drink that passes to the one consuming them.

  1. Inspect the food

Rinse fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens. Cook shellfish thoroughly. Foods can also be contaminated at the source, such as fruits and vegetables contaminated in the field or oysters harvested from contaminated water.

  1. Keep it clean

Clean and sanitize kitchen utensils, counters, and surfaces routinely. Outbreaks of norovirus illness happen most often where people eat food that’s been prepared by others—restaurants, nursing homes, cruise ships—so preparation safety is key.

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Practices In Place to Ensure Foodservice Managers and Employees are Trained in Food Safety Each day, the re
staurant industry’s 13 million employees serve meals to over 135 million Americans. For this reason, food safety is a primary concern for the restaurant industry. Assuring safe, quality food has been at the core of the National Restaurant Association’s mission since its founding in 1919. The National Restaurant Association developed ServSafe, a national food safety training program for foodservice employees and managers. The standardized course, offered in multiple languages in a classroom format or online, includes food safety best practices developed by specialists from regulatory agencies, academia, and the foodservice industry. ServSafe materials reflect the latest science, research, and most recent edition of the FDA Food Code. The certification examinations are accredited by ANSI-CFP (American National Standards InstituteConference for Food Protection)



Before delving further into the topic, I would like to say that if I had to choose one concept that has the greatest impact on your food safety efforts and your quest for a top health inspection grade, it is this: The most effective way to show employees that food safety is a critical part of their job is to have it affect their compensation.

Restaurants can create food safety bonuses that rise or fall depending on how the restaurant performs in health department inspections or inspections by a third-party auditor/consultant. When maintaining a top grade is expected and nothing less will be accepted, a lower score may disqualify management from receiving a bonus.

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Preventing Cross-Contamination in Your Kitchen

The best approach to avoiding foodborne illness is to make sure you’re storing and preparing your foods separately, constantly sanitizing your workspace and equipment, and having your staff adhere to strict personal hygiene standards.

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