Mosquito Free in Your Yard

Having the lawn of your dreams isn’t just about the grass and the landscaping. It is about being able to enjoy your yard, without mosquitoes, ticks, and other harmful and annoying insects ruining your fun.

With QM pest control services, you get the absolute best in mosquito control and tick control treatment to allow your family and pets to enjoy the outdoors.

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Mosquito Control Services by QM

Mosquitoes can carry potentially life-threatening diseases such as West Nile, Zika virus, encephalitis, chikungunya, dengue and yellow fever. With QM Ltd. Mosquito Control services we can help control mosquitoes and give you the chance to enjoy your yard without worry.


Innovation and Technology

QM’s design team consists of a team with many years of experience in design. With constant research and development we strive with a burning passion to be the best. Combining elegant design with advanced technological functionality and finished with a touch of luxury.

Like our MBOX that is designed from the bottom up and is assembled without any screws; with just a gentle twist the MBOX can be disassembled to remove any unwanted “dead” mosquitos.  In order to achieve the pinnacle of Innovation and Technology we have done numerous researches and tests on how to retain functionality with an elegant design.


Prevention is the Key

From what we can understand from all the research and articles that others have written about mosquitos, we can come to a conclusion that prevention is the key. There are many ways to ensure that mosquitoes do not make your backyard your new home. Mosquitos can lay eggs in the most uncommon places as long as there is standing water, think about small things like plastic bags or an empty can. So first thing you should do is removing all trash from your yard, make sure you check every corner.


Another important thing is to switch off lights outside to prevent mosquitoes swarming to your light source, so just switch it off when not in use. Although some lights cannot be turned off (indoor lights), you could check for small holes or any possible entrances for mosquitos to fly into your house, you could put a net up to prevent them from getting in.


Mosquito traps are an easy way to dramatically reduce mosquito population. Though you have to realize there are many kinds of mosquito traps that might be potentially harmful for your family or pets. Most insect traps focus on killing insects, it does not differentiate between the good or bad, these might even be harmful to your surroundings/nature.

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The MBOX of QM is designed to lure in female mosquito and other insects like biting bugs that are attracted to Co2/H2o. The MBOX of QM can be combined with an attractant to increase the efficiency of the trap and catch more mosquitos. The trap with the attractant mimics the scent of human body chemistry and releases Co2/H2o to mimics the exhaling of humans/pets. The MBOX sucks the mosquitos into the trap with the near-silent fan, where the mosquitoes will be dehydrated and will die within 8 hours. Besides being able to control mosquitoes the MBOX attracts other bothersome insects like black flies and midges.


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