IT04 Mosquito Trap Provides A Outdoor Mosquito Free Environment

When kids are out-door, with exposed skin, they are at greater risk for the bites of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes usually bite at areas like ankles, neck and hands. The bites cause uncomfortable swelling and itching. It can be difficult for babies to deal with them particularly when it is a young infant and unable to communicate.

126 300x162 - IT04 Mosquito Trap Provides A Outdoor Mosquito Free Environment

Mosquitoes may cause serious diseases to your baby. Therefore it is suggested to take precautions and keep the baby protected in every manner. Several following proactive measures can be taken into consideration so that you don’t have to hibernate indoors to stay mosquito free. All you need to do is to be a little careful and keep your babies away from the mosquito bites in every sense and manner.


Precautions to protect babies from mosquito bites:

  • Dress your baby properly that cover their arms, legs, head and feet. Choose loose clothing to prevent mosquito bites.
  • In order to ensure another barrier, cover your kid with a light weight blanket.
  • Spray mosquito repellent on your hand and apply it lightly over the baby’s clothing to create another coating against mosquitoes.

127 300x200 - IT04 Mosquito Trap Provides A Outdoor Mosquito Free Environment

  • Make your baby sit in a car seat or a stroller and place mosquito netting over him/her to keep mosquitoes away from him.
  • Change the clothing of the baby as soon as you are back indoors.
  • One of the ways to keep indoors away from mosquitoes is to get your house magic door screens and magnetic window screen. It allows your toddlers to move freely in and out. At the same time, you do not need to worry about closing the door again and again. These screens have magnets that make sure that the screen is properly packed as soon as the things or person goes through it.


It must be well kept in mind that remedies that work for the adults may not be safe to be used for the babies. Special precautions need to be taken while treating mosquito bites on babies and infants.


If it is hot and your kids wish to play in the outdoor environment like garden or park, IT04 mosquito trap of QM LTD can be your best choice.

8 300x200 - IT04 Mosquito Trap Provides A Outdoor Mosquito Free Environment


One of the solution developed by QM is called the IT04 mosquito trap, by using photo catalysis of TIO2( titanium dioxide). When a titanium dioxide surface is irradiated by light, the photo catalytic effect and hydrophilic are activated together. Any organic chemical in contact with the surface will undergo decomposition to CO2 and H2O and thus releasing a smell that attracts female mosquitoes.

Comparing the old heavy propane mosquito trap, the IT04 mosquito trap (for outdoor) and the MBOX mosquito catcher (for indoor) of QM is more convenient and affordable.The IT04 is combine with solar panel so that it don’t need to lay the wire.QM’s tech is more ecofriendly and increases the chances of catching more female mosquitoes. Besides, you won’t hear a zap anymore when it working.

With IT04 or MBOX mosquito trap, you and your family will definitely have fun out side.


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