Every Irish Tourist Should Know About This Midge

This is a bug warning for all tourists planning a trip to the Emerald Isle.  Don’t worry, Ireland is not a paradise for bugs, like some tropical tourist destinations. No fear of cockroaches, or monster mosquitoes! No need to start anti-malarial medication before your trip.

But be warned!  During the summer months, Ireland is home to the mosquito’s most annoying cousin, albeit a thirty-first cousin of the state bird of Texas. The insect in question is the infamous Irish “midge.”

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Last year on our annual pilgrimage to Donegal, we parked our car to let the kids pile out, and watch a small herd of deer bounding across the heather carpeted hillside. Not thinking, we left all the windows open in the car. Before we knew what was happening, a swarm of midges surrounded us.

“Get back in the car,” I screamed out. The kids looked at me as if I was being attached by a pack of zombies.

“Hurry, hurry,” I urged, as I flapped my hands in the air, whacking at the midges, shooing the kids in the general direction of the car. They piled in as fast as they could, never before having witnessed Mom in such a frenzy. But the windows at the back were the old fashioned wind-up kind. We were too late.

Lo and behold the car was swarming with little, flying nasties. “Drive! Drive!” I urged my husband, as I stretched my hand back to reopen the rear windows. “Faster! Faster!” We drove through Donegal with all four windows open. I flapped a magazine around trying to shoo them out, stun them, wallop them, decapitate them or whatever the case may be.

Word got out fast.  Surviving midge friends feasted on my legs in revenge. They just loved my sweet tasting blood. My husband says I am the best bug repellant ever. He just needs to stand beside me and not one nibbling midge touches him.

It took over 30 minutes of open window driving, and violent magazine whacking, to tame the swarm. I was so sorry I did not have a bottle of Skin-So-Soft in my purse, or the old fashioned cologne, 4711. They hate that stuff. Wearing it may keep a few humans at bay too, but a small price to pay for a midge-free outing.

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Midges are so tiny, it amazes me how much of a nuisance they can be.  Here are some interesting facts about these pesky, little bugs.

  • Apparently only the female midges bite, and they only bite when they are pregnant, for a second or third time.
  • Blood is what they are after, to feed their young ‘uns.
  • Luckily for us, they do not carry any diseases, like sleeping sickness, or malaria.
  • Biting midges fly in swarms, and when I say swarms, I mean big, old, menacing swarms.
  • They like warm, humid climates, so they emerge en masse during the damp, relatively warm, Irish summer months.
  • If the wind is high, they get blown away, so you will encounter them inland more so than on the coast.
  • They are not fast movers, so sometimes if you run, you can out pace them.
  • They do not like bright sunshine, so they love Ireland.  The lack of bright sun shine during most Irish summers, suits the midges just fine.
  • Evening is their favorite time of day. Swarms can often be seen hovering over bushes and trees during the twilight hours.
  • The bite does not hurt, but if you scratch, the site can get irritated.

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So here is advice for tourists:

  • Pack some insect repellant.
  • Pack some anti-histamine cream in case you do get a few bites, and need to help ease itchiness.
  • Wear light colored clothes with long sleeves and long pants.  Midges are attracted to dark colors.
  • And please, learn from our mistake. Close your car windows if you pop out to do some sight seeing, even if you only step a few yards from your car, for the briefest of moments.
  • Do not scratch!  Resist the itch!  Hold out!  The tickle will disappear, only if you wait and DO NOT SCRATCH.
  • Bring a MBOX mosquito trap during your travel. Why is QM mosquito trap better than the other? The shape, size, color and height of the mosquito machine can make a huge difference. So does the amount of CO2, octenol and/or lactic acid released. Some frequencies of lights work better than others. The way the fans are designed to draw them in makes a big difference. Finally, placement of the devices is very important. A good trap in the wrong location will not be effective.MBOX uses a new and highly effective method to catch mosquitoes.
  • First we have to understand that only female mosquitoes need blood (protein) in order to lay eggs. Female mosquitoes track their victim through CO2 up to a range of 50meters, combined with the sense of smell of H2O, female mosquitoes are very effective in tracking their victim.   http://mbox-qm.com

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