Creating a Safe Learning Environment for Children

True education is wholistic – it develops head, heart and hand—academically, spiritually, socially and physically.  It is with the purpose to educate wholistically that the point cannot be over-emphasized: if real learning is to occur, the learning environment should be safe—environmentally, psychologically, sociologically and emotionally.

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Children, as well as their teachers and support staff deserve to be in a safe learning environment. They must be safe from accident and potential dangers.  In this postmodern era with the many challenges that face educators, creating and maintaining a safe learning environment should be a priority.  It is of the utmost importance that all stakeholders in the Education System work together to create a non-threatening, protected environment for children and young people of all ages.  The term “Stakeholders” refers to all those who have a vested interest in the education of children: Conference Education Departments, School Personnel, Parents and the Community.

What, therefore, can each group of stakeholders do to create the safe learning

environment that is necessary if children’s ultimate learning experiences must be


First, the Conference Education Departments should realize that the onus is upon them to ensure that school buildings are environmentally safe.  Schools should be located in areas that are free from chemical contaminants, pesticides, poisonous gases etc.; they should not be constructed near areas that are designated for the dumping of refuse/garbage; building materials should be properly tested and pass safety standards e.g., avoid using materials that are allergens; cleaning solutions used in the schools should be carefully selected so avoid causing allergic reactions.

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Second, the principal should build a good rapport with the community; solicit their help in keeping the school environment safe by setting up a “neighborhood watch” program; schedule meetings where community members (other than parents) can give suggestions, provide funding etc. towards a safe environment; keep the community  informed about the school’s programs.

Third, the teacher should ensure a classroom environment that is comfortable and welcoming–it should be best suited to the needs of the children; be sensitive to the personal, developmental, academic, social and emotional needs of the children. The expectation that the teacher be nurturing and encouraging, providing positive reinforcement rather than negative reinforcement, is a key ingredient in creating a safe environment. (Dr. William Perkey, psychologist, suggests that teachers provide at least 10 positive reinforcements to every one negative reinforcement statement—notice the ratio of positive to negative).   The statement: “People do not care how much you know but they want to know how much you care” is a powerful one with serious implications, especially for the Christian teacher or education administrator.

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