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Mosquito Trap Indoor 1 320x320 - Mosquitos and Flamethrowers! 0

Mosquitos and Flamethrowers!

  Though I thoroughly agree with most people on the world… Pesky mosquitoes should be burned down to ash, though 1 problem is… What if the mosquito is indoors? I’m not sure if my...

999 320x320 - Chikungunya and Mosquitoes 0

Chikungunya and Mosquitoes

Chikungunya and Mosquitoes   West Nile virus, Malaria, Dengue fever and Encephalitis are afflictions that are commonly associated with mosquitoes and have been contracted by humans in countries all around the world. A less-well-known...

888 320x320 - Small Bite, Big Problem 0

Small Bite, Big Problem

One Bite Turning into Many Complications Everyone has experienced a bite from an insect before. Bug bites are basically a part of life and most of us forget that little bite after a few...

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Mosquitoes becoming immune to DEET

DEET, the widely used insect repellent, is becoming less and less effective at repelling mosquitoes, according to new research done by Scientists from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. A landmark study...

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Be Aware of Dengue

With dengue cases on the rise, it is important to inform yourself adequately about this viral infection. DENGUE fever has been a major public health concern in Malaysia and in many other countries around...

1 33 320x320 - How Mosquito Zappers Work? 0

How Mosquito Zappers Work?

    While you have fun outdoors, many insects get to enjoy a good meal. Either they’re eating your food or they’re eating you. To clear your yard of these insects, you can try...

1 30 320x320 - Mosquito Control and Preventing Diseases 0

Mosquito Control and Preventing Diseases

With spring comes mosquitoes. In addition to being a nuisance and causing severe reactions to bites in some people, mosquitoes can also transmit diseases including malaria and St. Louis encephalitis in humans, equine encephalomyelitis...

1 29 320x320 - Mosquito Control in Summer 0

Mosquito Control in Summer

  Weather is getting warmer and warmer, summer will be here, bringing with it longer days, warmer temperature and mosquitoes. It’s prime time to enjoy life in your backyard. Unlike past summers, however, mosquitoes may cause...

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