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We are an international company based in Hong Kong; we are formed by a group of people that have a hatred for mosquitos. We have cooperated with the Hong Kong Government and other public instances in controlling mosquitos and providing outdoor solutions. There is a Reason why we are globally accepted in Hong Kong.

QM Mosquito traps designed efficient mosquito traps for over 10 years .With our MBOX we would like to disrupt the current market, with a new design, with technology that is has been discovered and the latest innovations on how to catch mosquitos. We have done it before, we have proven results. Designed to be easy on the eye and tailored to easily fit in any kind of environment.

An example would be that we use a CCFL light that lasts 10 times as long as a normal UV light bulb and consuming only 1/3th of the original electricity, generating co2/h2o with a technique called the Akira-Fujishima effect and using the correct colors to attract mosquito’s. All these are combined in a design that would fit any modern architecture and interiors.

With mosquitoes becoming more and more of a global issue, we can see that the market is waiting to explode with each increase of mosquito borne diseases. Zika, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and Global warming that increase the territory of mosquitos and migration. We believe this market is one the verge of expanding very fast and being an established brand before this happens is essential for the trust you will need from the people that need help fighting mosquitos. With the increasing vector and new urban environments for mosquitos you can see that the diversity of viruses are mutating. Prevention is one method but being bitten once can already have serious consequences.

I am sure you can see that there is a lot of potential for both of us and humanity in this world by fighting against mosquito borne diseases.


“We believe in the power of change, it enables the impossible to become new future, it realize our imagination.And all starts from change,…”
In 2008, we’ve known the breakout of mosquito disease in Brazil through the news. In the same time, our committee of health has published the Guide of Preventing mosquito Disease, and the cure for the mosquito Disease. The main infective source carried by mosquitos. It’s highly infective and it can easily cause death. There’s still no effective resolution for it yet. According to the experience that we’ve learned from SARS, 2003, which caused a global disaster, we knew that the viruses are changing all the time, the virus though the mosquito to
spread out, and our anti-mosquito equipment should upgrade accordingly, thus, we focus on anti-mosquito technics, to discover how to prevent us from mosquitos and reduce the infectiveness of these diseases carried by mosquitos.
From 2008 to 2009, we were planning to set up a company that manufacture and sell the anti-mosquito devices while develop and research the technic to preventing mosquitos. At that time, we had a team that was with advanced production technics, equipment, detecting device, and many experienced technicians, managers, and staffs with full responsibility. We never stop our pace in upgrading our products, thus, we’ve won our reputation from the severe competing market. We gathered people with the same goals to embrace the future.
From 2010, QM Limited, which means Kill Mosquito and Quality Management, was founded, and QM, the professional anti mosquito company was registered. In December 2010, we collaborate with professional expert in pest control, to upgrade our present models to improve the effectiveness.
Through our efforts ,QM has been recognized by more and more well-known entrepreneurs, hotels, schools and companies from all industries. In 2011, many known enterprises have purchased electric or solar mosquito killing machine, indoor, insects killing machine, solar mosquito trap, anti-mosquito equipment in a big quantity from QM. In 2012, after our consistent demonstration, many construction companies have realized the importance of preventing mosquitos, and they’ve realized that applying the anti-mosquito devices can be more effective and economical than just using sprays.

CHANGE and break through yourself.We go on our way,2013 -2016, we made excellent killing insect efficient indoor & outdoor products, and we get good reputation
fast.Some of traders of Singapore ,Malaysia, America are interested in our products ,including mosquito repellent,mosquito trap, insect killer, bug zapper,
solar powered mosquito killer, solar trap, portable insect repellent…

Now, although we have expertise team of designer that is over 10 years experience, mold builder, constructor, engineer, scientist, and lovely fans, we have to
make more excellent products with high technology to face our new future. we need your support, and more partner.

QM CEO: Jacky Choy, everyone will die, and hope you will have a beautiful memory when you think back to one’s life.


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